If your name is not listed, we have zero recorded workdays for you in the log book.

If this list is not reflecting the correct information for you, please look for the DRC Work Log at the next playday on the second floor of the concession stand. 


Bland, Brad & Cheyan 9-10-2016 Mowing
Bland, Justin 2-20-2016 General Prep Day
Barry, Mark 10-6-2016 Treated for fireants
  10-7-2016 Weed eated pen next to alley
Caples 4-23-2016 Mowing
Dickson, Kendal 7-16-2016 Pick up and haul off cut tree limbs
Dickson, Vernon 7-16-2016 Pick up and haul off cut tree limbs
Holman, Kyle 10-1-2016 Spray grounds 
Howard, Sue 9-10-2016 Mowed warmup area
Loflin, Karen 9-11-2016 Cleaned bathrooms
Long, Taylor 4-16-2016 Mowing
  10-8-2016 Trimmed along fence line
Maxwell (Brian) Every play day Prep arena before each playday
Maxwell (Ronnie) Every play day Maintain water system and help Brian
Miller, Family 3-6-2016 Worked arena, mowed arena
  3-20-2016 Worked arena, mowed arena
  4-3-2016 Worked arena, mowed arena
  4-23-2016 Worked arena
  4-25-2016 P/U arena, drag
  5-1-2016 Replace new barrings in drag
  5-14-2016 Returned arena drag
  5-15-2016 Worked arena, mowed arena
  6-9-2016 Worked arena, mowed arena
  6-9-2016 Spread sand, spread gravel
  6-15-2016 Worked arena, mowed arena
Mitcham, George 7-20-2016 Mowing
  10-6-2016 Mowing and weed eating
Nesler, Amy 7-20-2016 Mowing
  10-6-2016 Mowing & week eating
O'Brien, Brittany 3-20-2016 Help Ronnie water arena
O'Connell, Amanda 7-20-2016 Mowing and weed eating
  10-4-2016 Mowing and edging
Petty, Terri 9-10-2016 Mowed warm up area
Phillips, Jacqueline 10-1-2016 Weed eat
Pienta, Steph 6-10-2016 Weed Eating
Pritchard, Tammie 3-5-2016 Mowing, treating for Ants
  9-5-2016 Mowed around arena
Ramsdale 2-20-2016 General Prep Day
  4-16-2016 Mowing
  4-23-2016 Trimming
  7/15/2016 Mowing and Trimming
Roumell, Jeanie Feb 2016 Purchasing for and stocking the concession stand
  Feb 2016 Cleaning concession stand and restrooms
  3-16-2016 Cleaning concession stand and restrooms
  6-11-2016 Cut down giant shrub by arena alley and haul off
  6-19-2016 Pickup donated mower from Burleson
  6-21-2016 Repair donated mower
Rowe, Vicki 7-20-2016 Mow & weed eat
  10-6-2016 Mow & weed eat
Sorrells, Family 2-20-2016 General Prep Day
  8-16-2016 Clean fridge and freezer
Sorrells, Taylor 2-20-2016 General Prep Day
Wages, Grant 9-11-2016 AM Weed eat front pens
  9-11-2016 PM Mow & weed eat
Wages, Josh 9-11-2016 AM Mow front pens
  9-11-2016 PM Mow & weed eat